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I met Lorri Scott at an art retreat--Art Unraveled? Or Art is You in Petaluma? I can't remember, and  that's the way it is with art retreats--you see the same people at many of them, and the retreats begin to blend together in your memory. But not Lorri's artwear--you'd never mistake it for anything else. Her up cycled slip dresses and linen jacket shirts are all one-of-a-kind, hand-dyed and altered and embellished in Lorri's signature style. I fell hard for one of her jackets last year in Petaluma. It found a new home with someone who adores it just as I did, but I keep hoping it will magically show up on my doorstep someday, anyway. 

To see more of Lorri's work, visit her website, her blog, and her Etsy shop

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